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Recession or Not, My Hair is a Always a Priority

April 15, 2009

Soooo true.  I admit it, unemployed or not, I go to the hair salon every 2 weeks, alternating wash & sets and touch-ups.  When I moved to NYC in 2005, I made a promise to myself to keep my hair a priority.  Previously living in Boston, I found the black hair salons to be particularly expensive, averaging at least $75 per visit.  As a result, I maintained my hair myself, splurging occassionally on professional visits.  Over time, I found that I increasingly damaged my “African-strong,” kinky, thick hair.

Now that I live in NYC, I make 2 trips each month to Your So Fine, the Dominican hair salon in Harlem.  It is not fancy, and the wash lady always manages to get water down my back, my boobs and all over my forehead, BUT it is cheap and I don’t have to do it.

My wash and set is about $20, including the deep conditioning, and my touch-ups are $40, including the deep conditioning.  Recently, I started bringing in my own shampoo and stopped using their crappy house shampoo (which smells funny.)

Check out Nicole Hardesty of the Lousiana Weekly and her article describing how some women are dealing with their hair care solutions in the face of a tight economy.

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